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About Us

The founders of The Oak Tree Early Learning Academy believe that EVERY child is precious and deserves the best opportunity to achieve their highest potential.   Their vision is to give children the necessary  foundation to attain their potential and develop and succeed in life, beginning at early childhood. 

At The Oak Tree, we strive to "carefully" prepare all of our children to have the best opportunity to thrive in kindergarten and to have a successful lifelong educational experience.  A key element of our strategy is to create a safe, healthy, and fun environment for learning. Additionally, we utilize high-performance curriculum and teaching techniques to encourage and enhance learning.

For instance, our system of teaching and learning is based upon proven Developmentally Appropriate Practices which focus on the physical, social, emotional, cultural, and spiritual development of the whole child.   That is, our instructional program and teaching practices are designed around the child's age and developmental stage and individual learning style.

Literacy development is critical in a  child's formative years and is, therefore, also key to our overall strategy. Teaching children to read is one of our top priorities. It is at the core of our entire teaching program.

Finally, and most importantly, we take care in choosing our teachers and staff because we believe children need positive, nurturing relationships with caring and properly trained adults who are committed to each child achieving his/her greatest potential.

We invest in our staff by providing  on-going training, competitive salaries, a benefit package, opportunities for professional growth and fostering a healthy workplace environment. 


Pastor George & Lady Michele Dix, Founders

Our Curriculum


VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Education Program):

If your child turns 4 years of age by September 1, he or she is eligible to participate in Florida’s FREE Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Education Program for that upcoming school year. The purpose of VPK programs are to prepare children for Kindergarten by providing quality programs that include developmentally appropriate curricula with a focus on early literacy skills.

WEE Learn:

WEE Learn is grounded in evidence-based practices, programs using the WEE Learn philosophy and curriculum work to support children and families.

Children’s individual differences and learning styles are considered as they learn through play and interactions with supportive early childhood teachers to maximize each child’s learning potential. WEE Learn is a curriculum that supports best practices and has been evidence-based researched and cross-referenced with the Florida Performance Standards.

Also, individual learning goals and strategies for Individiualization Plans will be set on an observation checklist as follows:

3 submissions—Spring, Summer & Fall.

Licensing and Membership


  • Licensed by DCF (Department of Children and Families)

  • Approved ELC (Early Learning Coalition) provider

License #: C08AL0021

Our 5 Promises to You


  • We will respect and regard you as the parent or primary guardian of your child(ren).

  • We will warmly welcome and get to know your child(ren) and treat him/her with Christ-like care, respect and individuality.

  • We will provide a fun, productive and interactive educational experience each day for the development of your child(ren).

  • We will maintain a safe and clean Center (inside & outside) for the health and well-being of your child(ren).

  • We will provide a superior service as we strive to earn your continued confidence and exceed your expectations.

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